Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oodles of Noodles

Ramen Yochoko Fest brings the world's best ramen into one bowl: yours


College-You microwaved 50-cent cups of instant noodles. Adult-You has more sophisticated tastes (well, most of the time).

Which is why you’re about to treat yourself to a two-day extravaganza of upscale ramen-y goodness.
This weekend’s Ramen Yochoko Fest brings together noodle experts from around the globe to give you bowls full of the best ramen money can buy.

The downside: it costs more than 50 cents.
The upside: everything else.
You’ll start with tastings of Mattou Seimen’s black mapo ramen, the three-time winning dish of the Tokyo Ramen Show (where they know a thing or two about hot noodles). Followed by a bowl Little Tokyo’s favorite tonkotsu.
Then, the spicy miso ramen burger, the raging food fad that combines a beef patty, spicy miso sauce, and fixin's with two “buns” of compressed noodles. Sounds exactly like something you might have invented between post-finals benders.
That, and offerings from 11 other vendors ought to satisfy your all of your nostalgic ramen cravings.
Adult You will be full. College You would be proud.

Ramen Yochoko Fest
Saturday-Sunday, March 29-30
Santa Anita Park
285 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia
(626) 574-6384

Price: $5 entrance fee; $8 per bowl
Nearby: Din Tai Fung; The Derby; Gin Sushi

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