Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dough's Nuts

They’re doing weird and wonderful things to pizza at Sunset's new Dough Pizzeria


Just what the world needs: another pizza place.

But seriously, we needed this place.

Rounding out the fast casual and delivery joints dotting the Sunset Strip is Dough Pizzeria & Bar, a new upscale lunch and dinner spot open today where Frankie & Johnnie’s used to serve pies by the slice.

Along with the old standbys like margherita, salami, and pepperoni are crazier choices you won’t find at the Dominos down the street.

Like the Korean BBQ: a braised short rib and lipstick pepper-covered pizza, topped with kimchi, pickled jalapenos, and mixed herbs. Or the squash blossom, butternut squash, and black kale, which like all of their pies, is available on gluten-free dough (because LA).

And since pizza is best served with extra sides of carbs, you can add one of their gourmet pastas or sandwiches to your meal for a truly indulgent carb bomb, but only so long as you save room for the mother of all ridiculous desserts:

Dough stuffed with carrot cake and Nutella, deep fried, and topped with caramel and powdered sugar.

Again: not available at Dominos.

Dough Pizzeria & Bar
8947 W Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
(310) 275-7770

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Best bets: Korean BBQ pizza, chimichurri chicken sandwich, fried dough
Parking: Street
Nearby: Eveleigh; State Social House; The Church Key

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