Sunday, January 25, 2015

American Graffiti

Perfect your tagging skills at the Academy of Street Art


Graffiti: it's not just for hoodlums and troubled youths anymore. 

Now that Banksy’s helped make street art a respectable creative genre, it’s probably about time you unleash your own artistic skill on the world.
Or at least on the walls of nearby alleys.
Over four weeks, The Academy of Street Art’s graffiti classes will turn you into the Picasso of Pico-Robertson.
Once you’re schooled sketching and stenciling by the pros, you’ll tackle the most important subject: spray paint. Specifically, can control. Because anyone can sloppily scrible their initials on an overpass, but you’ve got a style to maintain. 
Supplement those lessons with a few courses on graffiti lettering and character design and you’ll be ready to take on any of LA’s mean streets (or just the walls of ASA’s practice yard).
It’s only a matter of time until your stuff gets auctioned to the highest bidder, so start thinking up some edgy social commentary now. 

Street Art 1
Academy of Street Art
5111 West Pico Blvd., Mid-City
(310) 694-3460

Price: $240
Nearby: Roscoe's; Tom Bergin's; LACMA

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