Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lap of Luxury

Become the Ricky Bobby of high-priced vehicles with Exotics Racing


Quick! You need a good excuse to throw the most awesome party ever!
Is it your birthday soon? Or uh, President’s Day? You can’t not throw a President’s Day party, right?
And what better way to honor our nation's highest office than, uh, racing high-speed luxury cars?

Velcro on your finest driving gloves. The Vegas-based Exotics Racing driving school wants to send you speeding around the track in your very own Aston Martin or Audi R8.
Push 150 mph when you ride shotgun with a professional driver, or opt for a few laps where you’re the one behind the wheel. Before you go, they’ll give you one-on-one instruction from experienced racing coaches. And a helmet, just in case.

Bring a big group for your next birthday or bachelor party, and you could book a timed slalom relay race in Mini Coopers or drifting ride-along sessions with the pros.

Not that you need a special excuse to channel your inner Jimmie Johnson. Exotics Racing comes to SoCal every other weekend, but spots fill up fast.

Really, really fast.

Exotics Racing Experience
Auto Club Speedway
9300 Cherry Ave., Fontana
(702) 405-7223

Price: Starts at $99 here
LA schedule: here

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