Saturday, January 31, 2015

Epic Proportions

Salt Lake City’s favorite brewery takes on LA thirst


There are a lot of things to hate about having guests.

Making small talk. Sharing your food. Not being able to walk around naked in your living room.  

And yet all of those inconveniences can be overlooked if your visitors show up with the right gifts.
So when Salt Lake’s Epic Brewery comes to visit Angelenos at Fairfax’s brand new Plan Check Kitchen + Bar this week, they'll know how to impress their hosts.
Along with 16 different award-winning beers, the Utah brewery’s week-long LA takeover includes discounted tasting flights and tons of epic Epic swag.

Like the pint glass they’re giving away when you order a beer float made with candy cap mushroom and Buffalo Trace ice cream, and Epic’s Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout.

As a reward for your hospitality, they’re also inviting master mixologist Matthew Biancaniello to tend bar on Wednesday, February 5th. He’ll be serving specially-crafted beer cocktails featuring Epic brews and fresh produce, which will be a nice break from all those beer floats you’ve been ordering.
And then, they're gone. Not ones to overstay their welcome, Epic’s tap takeover only lasts 10 days.
Unless you ask them to move in.
After a few pints of Utah Sage Saison, you just might.

Epic Beer Tap Takeover
Wednesday, January 29-Sunday, February 9
Plan Check Fairfax
51 N. Fairfax Ave., Beverly Grove
(310) 288-5600

Nearby: Animal; Rosewood Tavern; The Grove

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