Monday, January 26, 2015

Bowl Game

Be the MVP of this Sunday’s bash


Come Super Bowl Sunday, champions will be named.

On the field, it'll be the Broncos or Seahawks. During commercial breaks, it'll be Bud Light or Doritos. 

And after throwing an epic viewing bash without even breaking a sweat: you. Here's how to join the Super Bowl Party Hall of Fame.
1. Eligible Receiver: Pick up Bludso’s BBQ
La Brea’s resident BBQ king, Bludso’s opened its second location on Super Bowl weekend 2013. This year, they’re celebrating their first birthday with a full menu of ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and mac n’ cheese available to-go for your bash. But fair warning: the $20 all-you-can-drink draft beers and jello shots they’re serving in-house could tempt you to cancel party plans.  
2. Special Teams: Book the Kogi Truck 
LA may not have an NFL team, but we hold the title in gourmet meals on wheels. Book through Roaming Hunger and you can feed your guests Roy Choi’s famed spicy pork tacos and kimchi quesadillas, or something from one of LA’s other local favorites. The Buttermilk Truck, The Grilled Cheese Truck, and Ragin’ Cajun are all part of an extensive roster of mobile restaurants available for hire. And most importantly, no one’s making a mess in your kitchen. 
3. Free Agent: Hire a Chef
Partnering with Kitchensurfing is just like having a professional chef cater your party. Because a professional chef will actually be catering your party.  Some of their pros have already crafted game day menus with everything from spinach crab dip to honey Jack Daniels bread pudding. Other chefs will follow your lead. It’s your party, so if you want to serve scallop crudo with heirloom beets instead of chicken wings, you can. They’ll bring the ingredients and cookware. You just take care of the beer. 

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