Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Close Encounters

Sylmar's Wildlife Learning Center is letting you feed the animals


Your girlfriend’s cat is great and all, but leaving her apartment covered in pet hair isn’t exactly your idea of communing with nature.
Which is why, this weekend, you’ll be spending some one-on-one time with the wildlife at the most badass petting zoo ever.
Sylmar's Wildlife Learning Center lets you go inside the cages to feed, pet, and make friends with wild animals, all while less courageous zoo-goers jealously watch from behind enclosure walls.
Depending on which session you choose, you can hang out with an alligator, attempt to hold a 16-foot python, or do some shameless cuddling with Lola, the WLC’s resident sloth. (Don’t worry, reactions like these are completely acceptable.)
Or you could spend an afternoon with the center’s big cat, the Siberian lynx. Biology textbooks call him the top predator of the Boreal Forrest. His friends, and you are one now, call him Boomer. And as with the all of the animals, booking an individual experience in his cage gets you some serious bonding time.
Consider yourself officially a cat person.

Individual Animal Experiences
Wildlife Learning Center
16027 Yarnell St., Sylmar
(818) 362-8001

Price: $25-100

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