Saturday, January 31, 2015

Morning After

Start your new year with Vegas's helpful naughty nurses


[Editor's note: Spending New Year's Eve in Vegas this year? Here's how to recover on January 1st, courtesy of Rundown on Vegas.]

Ah Vegas… So much to do during the day: water slides to be ridden, luxury cars to be raced, pool parties to be attended.
None of which should be attempted with a hangover.
Luckily, the hangover-fighting nurses from PUSH now make house calls with the aid of IV machines and skimpy outfits.

True, you could sit around all day drinking water and waiting for your body to absorb the fluid through your GI tract while you get ready for another night out, but who has the time?
Not you. And certainly not the nurses from PUSH, who will inject you with a liter of sterile water and electrolytes (with additional vitamins and medications to be added as needed, depending on the severity of your hangover).
Option A: Stop into their spa-style “treatment center” on the Strip and sit back in a room that looks more hotel than hospital, outfitted with flatscreen TVs and leather message chairs over hardwood floors.
Option B: For those times when you’re too hungover to move (don’t worry, we’ve been there), pick up the phone and set your fantasy into motion.

Then again, you could just hail the bus.

4315 Dean Martin Dr., Suite 230
(702) 445-7874
Price: $200 and up
Nearby: Bellagio; Caesar’s Palace; Aria

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