Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mix(ology) Master

Perfect your cocktail crafting skills in four short hours


In college, your jungle juice making skills were legendary.

But now that you're older, crafting the perfect drink takes more than managing the ideal OJ to Everclear ratio. 

With Elemental Mixology’s fabrication course, you can take cocktail concocting a step further by learning how to make the truly artisan elements of a great drink with your very own syrups, liquors, and bitters.
You’ll cook up classic mixers like grenadine and simple syrup before moving on to the cool stuff — flavored brandy liqueur, peach bitters, and old-fashioned sherbet (which you’ll use to make the most sophisticated spiked punch ever).
From there, it’s just about adding booze. No more plastic handles of Popov. Instead, you'll explore an extensive and rare collection of high-quality liquor that's so prized, they won’t even disclose the private bar’s location until you sign up for class.
What you do with your new mixology superpowers is up to you. Host a party? Make boozy holiday gifts for friends?  
Whatever you choose, we know you'll keep the 5-gallon Gatorade cooler out of it.  

Mixology Fabrication Course
Saturday, December 2- Sunday, December 15
Elemental Mixology

801 North Fairfax Ave
South Los Angeles
801 North Fairfax Ave

Price: $250 here
Nearby: Papa Cristo's; Roscoe's; Father's Office

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