Sunday, February 1, 2015

On Location

A Downtown scavenger hunt for movie lovers


Any LA noob can spot a blockbuster movie director grabbing coffee at Joan's or a Kardashian shopping on Robertson.
Forget the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign, and all the other meth-heady tourist traps: a true understanding of LA's celebrity culture isn’t complete until you’ve been to actual locations from movie classics including L.A. Story, Beverly Hills Cop, and Raging Bull.
That’s what you’ll get on the adults-only movie-themed scavenger hunt from the mind of a veteran comedian and former editor of Entertainment Weekly.
Exact locations are a mystery (it’s a scavenger hunt, buddy), so you won’t know exactly where you’re going until you get the next clue.

But the journey is guaranteed to point out some of the strangest, coolest, and most random spots in LA cinema history — like a hidden movie message in the world’s largest abstract mural, or a secret spot where Howard Hughes used to party.
Winners get a yet-to-be-announced reward, but the real prize is beating out all of the other teams to prove your puzzle-solving prowess. And the dozens of cool facts you'll now be able to spout to out-of-towners on their next visit.
Your intimate knowledge of L.A. Story, while helpful, isn’t necessary.
Unless you hit traffic on the way there.

The Downtown LA Movie Locations Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, November 23
Pershing Square
532 S Olive St., Downtown

Price: $22 here
Nearby: Engine Co. No. 28; The Gorbals; Bottega Louie

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