Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Strangers in the Night

Two new unordinary hot spots shake up the LA club scene


For centuries, men have pondered life's greatest mysteries. Why is the sky blue? Who framed Roger Rabbit? Was Tony Danza really the boss?
And now, what the hell is going on at LA’s two newest unorthodox nightclubs?

Secret Service: Unnamed private club
What we know: It’s an unnamed, unmarked live music venue taking over the old Largo space, and offering a farm-to-table menu with cocktails by SoHo House’s Kate Grutman.

What we don’t know: Who can or can't get in on any given night. There's no website, no Facebook page, and no reservations. Which means the only way to get your name on the list is to find someone with one of their nondescript black business cards.

Or strike up a convo with one of the bearded hipsters hanging out front, on the chance it'll score you an invite inside.

432 N Fairfax Ave. (at Rosewood), Mid-City. Nearby: AnimalRosewood Tavern; Terroni

Different Strokes: DBA
What we know: This raw venue doing business as (DBA) a cabaret, dance club, and/or interactive gallery space depending on who's curating.

First up as artistic director is Simon Hammerstein, a nightlife legend whose Vegas club got shut down last month after somehow managing to violate obscenity laws in a town literally called Sin City.

What we don't know: What you'll see when you get there. Curators change every three months, and with them go the cocktail menu, artwork, even the servers’ attire.

If you wandered by this month you might have noticed the first installation, a giant chalkboard wall where Angelenos scribbled their deepest desires. If you were the guy who wrote "eat some dope cheese," we nominate you to curate next season.

7969 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Edinburgh), West Hollywood (323-378-5953). Nearby: Laurel Hardware; The Hudson; Surly Goat

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