Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hop Heaven

Brew your own beer and let Brewbakers clean up the mess


Think Walter White in his super-lab. Without the blue-colored output.

That's what you'll feel like walking into Brewbakers, a new facility helping former chemistry teachers (and the rest of us) reach their potential as brewmasters — just without any capital expenditures, clean-up, or uh, "distribution" partners.

Saul would be proud as this all goes down in a nondescript strip-mall in Orange County. Once you gain entrance, choose your recipe, taste test, and brew your own batches using their house ingredients and equipment.
Because research is paramount, you'll dutifully taste a range of their 96 sudsy options. Then, you’ll get to crafting (with a bit of supervision by the pros). Afterward, all you have to do is come back in a few weeks to pick up your creation.
Brewbakers will handle the clean up, fermentation, and bottling. You’ll reward yourself with a cheeseburger on a house-made pretzel bun.
Pro tip: If your date is stifling your creative genius, send her next door for a wine-making session at sister spot Purple Feet
Talk about a power couple.

7242 Heil Ave., Huntington Beach

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)

Parking: Lot and street
Scene: Beer loving locals
Best bets: Your own sudsy creation, and a brat wrapped in pretzel dough
Nearby: Alessa; Spark Woodfire Cooking; Dukes

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