Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fire Breathers

LA's inaugural Sriracha Fest will make your eyes water


Behold the great unifier.

From tacos to marinades to spicy tuna, sriracha is the one true idol of LA condiments, adding heat and signature flavor on command.

And regardless of what you call it — rooster sauce, Asian ketchup, cock sauce (unfortunately) — this weekend is long overdue, LA’s first ever Sriracha Festival.
Patron saints of LA food are lining up to pay homage. Eric Greenspan (The Foundry), Neal Fraser (BLD), and Christian Page (Short Order) lead the list of chefs presenting their spicy offerings all afternoon, including a fiery dessert or two.
Cool yourself down post-feast with beer from Beechwood, Eagle Rock, and Firestone. Or if you can handle more fire, keep on keepin' on with sriracha-filled cocktails guaranteed to make your eyes water. (Tears of joy are acceptable, too.)
Before you leave, make sure to pick up a copy of your new food bible, The Sriracha Lover’s Cookbook.
Given you've got three unopened bottles of the stuff in your pantry, some more options can't hurt.

LA Sriracha Fesitval
Sunday, October 27
Lot 613
613 Imperial St., Downtown

Price: $49-80
Nearby: Church & State, Little Bear, Wurstkuche

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