Sunday, February 1, 2015

Designated Drivers

The guys at LA Craft Beer Tours are your new personal booze chauffers


Remember that one time you chaperoned as designated driver and your so-called pals rewarded you by hurling in your backseat?

Uber X came to the rescue but that can get expensive fast, complimentary waters and price cuts notwithstanding. Especially for long-haul trips.

Let your new heroes at LA Craft Beer Tours shuttle you in comfort between breweries all over Southern California without ever having to take the wheel.
This weekend, their South Bay trip hits up big names in LA brewing including Monkish, Strand Brewing Co, and newcomer Smog City. Between each stop, you can toss a few back in their luxury van, but it’s worth saving room for the high quality ales waiting at each of your three destinations.   
Or take all those cab savings and reserve a private tour for you and your pals for the next birthday party. Pick your destinations or hand over the reigns to the experts. You might end up in the epicenter of California craft brewing (or as insiders call it, "San Diego") for a full day of tastings and a two-hour nap on the way back home.
Just one familiar rule: no puking in the vehicle.

LA Craft Beer Tours
Sunday, October 20
El Segundo Brewing Co
140 Main St., El Segundo

Price: $49
Nearby: Monkish, Strand Brewing Co., Smog City Brewery

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