Friday, January 30, 2015

The New Old Fashioned

Warwick lounge classes up Hollywood nightlife


Like mixing the perfect Old Fashioned, crafting a satisfying night out is all about the right recipe.

One part classy venue. Two parts good company. Three parts strong whiskey.
You'll find everything you need at Warwick — a stylish new upscale lounge that feels more multimillionaire living room than Hollywood nightclub. Which makes sense, since the flooring came from Sinatra’s old place, and celebrities have already started throwing parties in the main space.

Start by dressing a bit more formally than usual — no Cali-casual here, they're keeping it classy. From there, your night unfolds with healthy pours beside the fireplace with a view of the huge nude paintings flanking the room. (Thank you, artist Samuel Bayer.)
Next, stir in a few more friends and add some designer drinks like a tequila, orange juice, and carrot juice-loaded Spanish Bull from the guys behind Roger Room.
To finish, cocktail service with a twist at your table. Bottles come with vanilla bean infused sea salt, house made foams, and ice spheres made by you at the table. (Don't worry, your personal cocktail attendant can always take over after you break the ice-making equipment.)

Shake, strain, and pour. Your Saturday night is served.

Photo courtesy Alen Lin

6507 Sunset Blvd. (Wilcox Ave.), Hollywood
(323) 460-6667

Price: 4 (out of 4)
Noise: 4 (out of 4)
Parking: Valet Wed-Sat or street
Scene: Hollywood moguls and hipsters playing mixoloist
Hot seat: The upstairs hideaway
Best bet: DIY Whiskey Ginger with a made-to-order ice sphere
Nearby: Aventine; Writer’s Room; Supperclub

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