Thursday, January 29, 2015

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The City's best chefs offer up LA on a plate


You really like this girl. And let's face it, you're getting sick of putting on a love glove every time. You need the kind of event that says, "He's worth the risk."

So you call the chefs at Nobu, Frontera, and Connie & Ted’s, and you say:

Superfriends, assemble! I need a 5-course meal that captures the true essence of how awesome I am. And to a lesser extent, how awesome LA is, because she's thinking about moving to NYC. Can you do it next week?

Oddly, the call is redirected to the James Beard Foundation, who have gathered those very same star chefs to fulfill your wish for a one-night-only event this Friday at Taste America's All Tracks Lead to LA.
With a little help from favorite local food trucks, impress her with a cocktail hour on the south patio of Union Station. She’ll sample ceviche from Mariscos Jalisco, while you reward yourself with a Komodo Burgerrito and a beer.
The highlight of the evening: the super chefs' 5-course meal that captures the true essence of LA.
Sure, the menu’s been planned by the pros. But as far as she’s concerned, the credit’s all yours.

James Beard Foundation's Taste Los Angeles
Friday, October 11
Union Station, 800 North Alameda St., Downtown

Tickets: From $185 here
Nearby: Wurstküche; Engine Co. No. 28; Philippe The Original

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