Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Burning Man on the Beach

GLOW returns to Santa Monica


Burning Man was cool. But between the distance, dust storms, and khaki-clad Winklevoss twins, we're ready for something a little different.

Which is why we're psyched that GLOW is returning to Santa Monica this Saturday.

After a three-year hiatus (150,000 attendees flocked to the 2010 event), America's only all-night art fest is back.

And with one helluva centerpiece: French artist Mathieu Briand's postmodern temple to the sun built out of metal shipping containers submerged in sand, then topped with a fiery ring that stays lit until 3a.

Don't be put off by the men in black guarding the structure. You're meant to get close enough to hear the installation's eerie accompaniment: the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Totally weirded out? Take a deep breath of that fresh ocean air and go for a free ride on the carousel, which doubles as another art installation.

It's free, it's close, and there's sand — not desert dust — between your toes. Take that, Burning Man.

GLOW Santa Monica
Saturday, September 28
Santa Monica Pier and surrounding beaches

Price: Free
Map: Here
Nearby: Blue Plate Taco; 41 Ocean; Chez Jay

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