Sunday, February 1, 2015

MSG = Michelin-Starred Greatness

Hakkasan's mythically good Chinese arrives in Beverly Hills


First there were the Michelin-starred restaurants in London. Then there were the splashy openings in Miami, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mumbai. Then they started to run out of cities ending in “i.”

So tonight, Hakkasan takes a xiao long bao on Beverly Drive.

Executive Chef Ho Chee Boon serves up a contemporary Cantonese menu with a health-conscious, Beverly Hills bent. (Read: Chinese food for the salad-eating, SoulCycling set.)

Guide your date through the dimly lit, labyrinthine space decked out in white marble and carved Chinese screens. Then get ready to share. And by sharing, we are definitely not recommending you core dump about exes. We're talking their signature family-style plates of duck salad with pomegranate seeds, and roasted silver cod with champagne and Chinese honey.

To that, add an Asian-inflected craft cocktail. She'll take the vodka-based, lychee-spiked Hakka while you sip a Smoky Negroni (the classic concoction niftily infused with — you guessed it — smoke).

Dining with a large group? Reserve The Lotus, a VIP private dining room that seats up to 18.

Finally, a Lotus position we can get into.

233 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills
(310) 888-8661

Price: 4 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Hot seat: The Lotus private room
Best bets: Ling Ling sling; smoked negroni; crispy duck salad; jasmine-tea-smoked short rib
The scene: PYTs and their POBs (pretty old boyfriends)
Nearby: Nic's Beverly Hills; Spago; Bar Bouchon

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