Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hang Time

Eat a whole wheel of cheese and watch the Redbull Flugtag take off in Long Beach


We're looking forward to Ron Burgundy's return in Anchorman 2.
But first, we think we spotted him coming through for a flyby.
This Saturday in Long Beach, Red Bull's First National Flugtag 2013 will host the only competition on the planet where you can watch inventors from across the country test out their weirder-than-weird flying contraptions.
Think airborne fire trucks and bicycles built for the sky. There's even an Anchorman-inspired glider called The Mustache Ride (Ron Burgundy would expect nothing less).
Come Saturday morning, pack a picnic basket  — keep any Scotchy Scotch Scotch on the DL — throw on some sunscreen, and head out early for a good spot at Rainbow Harbor. Then take in the spectacle as each wildly bizarre apparatus is hurled off a 30-foot ramp and into the crisp waters below.
Note: booting Baxter off a bridge doesn't count.

National Red Bull Flugtag 2013
Saturday, September 21
Rainbow Harbor
200B Aquarium Way, Long Beach

Price: Free
Nearby: Aquarium of the Pacific; Yard House; Beachwood BBQ

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