Sunday, February 1, 2015

Instant Gratafy-cation

Become a social gifter with Gratafy


It's nice to give presents. Even better to receive them.
Unless, of course, you're a re-gifter.
But what if there was a way to give a gift without actually being there? Sure, you can always wait for teleportation to be invented. Or you can try Gratafy, a new social gifting service that just launched in LA.
Gratafy simplifies the gifting experience by wrapping the whole process into a free app for iPhone and Android which allows you to essentially buy any of your Facebook friends dinner. Without actually having to hang out with them.
Coworker been promoted? Sister getting married? Friend's pet monkey given birth? Just choose from the list of items -- could be a bottle of Nicolas Feuilatte champagne from Bodega wine bar or chocolate truffle beignets at Duplex on Third — and your gift will be delivered via email, text, or Facebook.
From there, your lucky recipient goes to the restaurant and when the check arrives, provides a three-digit code to the server to receive said prize.

Call it instant Gratafy-cation.


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