Monday, January 26, 2015

Cross Over

Bootlegger's bar Ebanos Crossing opens downtown


Boardwalk Empire returns in T-minus one month.

You could satiate yourself on The Bridge and Breaking Bad, but why not DVR the lot of 'em and head downtown for a real-life mash-up of all three at new speakeasy Ebanos Crossing?

Rock walls and exposed brick make entering the place akin to illegal trespassing. Which makes sense, as this place is named after a bridge between Mexico and Texas. It's also being brought to LA by Phil Ward of New York's Death & Co, which is Manhattan's own bridge to a curated door-list and even more curated cocktail one.

But relax, you made it.

Sit yourself down on a plush Victorian-style sofa or leather wingback chair. Inspired by smuggled spirits, the cocktail menu is a trifecta of whiskey, tequilas, and mescal-based cocktails.
Snack on goat and catfish taco, best paired with a couple Angel’s Flights (mescal and Aperol mixed with Pamplemousse and lime juice).
FYI, Pamplemousse is a grapefruit liqueur, not Nucky Thompson’s hairdo.

Ebanos Crossing
200 S. Hill St., Downtown
(213) 935-8829

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Parking: Valet
Hot seat: The s-shaped “conversation sofa”
Best bets: Angel’s Flight, catfish tacos
The scene: Loft-dwellers and weekend warriors
Nearby: Jist Café; Mendocino Farms; Fickle and the Sandwich Smith

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