Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cake for a Cause

A two-day pop-up celebration to combat depression


Problem: One in four people suffer from depression or mental illness.

Rundown hypothesis: There’s not enough cake.
Good thing there's Depressed Cake Shop, a two-day pop-up that began in London and has since bestowed its oven lovin’ on 30 cities.
Each city rounds up its best bakers to whip flour, sugar and eggs together in the form of colorless pastries. That’s right, they’re all gray. Consider it a tastier version of one of those sad Abilify commercials. 
For the LA pop-up, Depressed Cake Shop is taking over Buckwild Gallery and showcasing a collection of down-and-out donuts, pastries in the pits and melancholic muffins. There are even rumors of crestfallen cronuts making the roster.
All they need now is for a bunch of people to come out and eat them. If you’re not recruited yet, consider the complimentary beer, cocktails and champagne they’re pouring out. You can also take a cupcake-decorating class or peruse the donated art from talented folks of Cartoon Network and Ironman, (with proceeds going to NAMI Westside LA). 
Call it having your cake and beating mental illness, too. 

Depressed Cake Shop
Friday-Saturday, August 23-24
Buckwild Gallery
12804 Venice Blvd., Culver City

Hours: Opening reception Friday Aug 23 7-11p. Saturday 9a-6p.
Price: Free admission
Nearby: A-Frame; The Corner Door; Sunny Spot

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