Thursday, January 29, 2015

This Week

  • Let’s Get (Wood) Fired Up: Settebello Open now

    Neapolitan-style pies have hit the second floor in the Marina Marketplace, with a cook time of 60 seconds. So, how many emails can you send while waiting?

    13455 Maxella Ave., Suite 250, Marina Del Rey (626-765-9550)

  • Best in Show: Umami Burger Open now

    RIP Papoo's Hot Dog Show. Umami has taken over the famous stand but kept its circus-ified look. They also kept the original order of business: seven new weiners get the Umami treatment.

    4300 W. Riverside Dr., Toluca Lake

  • Dolce Vita: Terroni Downtown Open now

    LA’s favorite Italian restaurant from Canadaland gets a beast of a second location downtown. Two stories, a bar program, oysters, brunch, and nightly DJs are just a few deets in the new digs.

    810 S. Spring St., Downtown

  • Dog Gone: Sayers Front Room Open now

    The club that is said to have launched the likes of Gotye while hosting the likes of the Black Keys has ousted Papaya King and welcomed a bar with cocktails, craft beers, and a Cleo chef’s menu.

    1645 Wilcox Ave., Hollywood (323-871-8233)

  • Fresh Check: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Thru Sun Aug 4

    Steal off with new fall styles like Billy Reid's leather jacket or wing-tip Frye boots as the store pulls back prices on their freshest stock.

    189 The Grove Dr., Fairfax (323-930-2230)

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