Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Be Great

Dress up, drink up, and do your best DiCaprio impression


You’re invited to an Old Man and the Sea party.
Just kidding.
You’re invited to a Great Gatsby party. Yep, that’s better. Much better.
Inspired by the book greatest party since 1925, the Park Plaza Hotel (built the same year in full Art Deco glory) is pulling out all the glam stops on Saturday, August 10. This fete endeavors to one-up the masterpiece novel, nod towards the pretty-okay film, and recall a fonder time when tweeting was still what birds did.
For one, there will be a slew of liquor brands pouring neat and mixed versions of the classics.
For two, it wasn’t called the “Boring Twenties.” So pull out your best Brooks Brothers, tell your girl to don her best Daisy Buchanan, and get ready to dance some Shimmy, Charleston, and Dubstep. The hotel’s rooms are split into swing, jazz, and a full ballroom with a DJ playing current hits.  
For three: VIP attendees get old-school perks like access to a lounge for manicures, shoe polish, and a shave. All attendees get new-school access to the courtyard, which doubles as parking for LA’s finest food trucks.
If Fitzgerald said today like he did then, “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars,” the whisperings would have been located near the food trucks.

Great Gatsby Party
Saturday, August 10
Park Plaza Hotel
607 South Park View St. (at MacArthur Park), Downtown

Tickets: $30 general admission, $65 VIP here
Note: General admission does NOT include alcohol (cash bar). VIP attendees get access to the open bar at the "Speakeasy Lounge" with 15 spirit brands pouring both neat and cocktails.
Nearby: Bootleg Theater; Library Bar; Seven Grand

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