Sunday, January 25, 2015

Surround Sound

The war between '80s and '90s music is all in your head


We know you wear your headphones a lot.

You rock them walking, waiting, even now, as you're "working."

But you would never wear them to the club. Not with DJs towering high above stacks of face-melting speakers, and bass so deep you feel it at the drive-thru half an hour later.

Hold on, though. Mute that little voice inside your head and listen to this: Silent Frisco is the quietest dance party you've ever experienced, and undoubtedly the coolest thiing you can do while wearing your headphones.

That's because they're pumping their mixes into 3,000 pairs of wireless, audiophile-grade headphones.

This allows for a party that both looks like performance art and is quiet enough to take place in a library or anyplace where noise-sensitive neighbors might shut things down. Like Santa Monica's Wilshire Restaurant, where next week's edition takes place.

While the name might tip you off that this is a San Francisco treat (of course), this monthly LA expansion features different themes for each event. Next week's is '80s vs. '90s.

And if that doesn't get you grooving, a secondary audio channel plays '70s soul. So even if you don't dig Madonna, you can dial in some Superfly and get busy with the ladies.

Just remember to take off the headphones before you make your pitch.

Silent Frisco
Friday, July 19
Wilshire Restaurant
2454 Wilshire Blvd. (at 25th St.), Santa Monica
(310) 586-1707

Price: $10 here
Nearby: Father's Office; Busby's; Bodega

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