Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In Meatloaf We Trust

Make a deposit at Bank of Venice


Banking apps are getting pretty sophisticated.

You can now make deposits from the same iPhone that just Vined a 12-egg massacre
But deep down, we're still brick-and-mortar guys. We just want to look our clerk in the eye, handwrite our bank slips, and sip ice-cold craft beers by the ol' vault.

Bank of Venice, the 108-year-old repurposed branch, has finally fulfilled its destiny as a public house for eating and drinking.
Right under the iconic Venice sign, this sister restaurant to Venice Ale House is peppered with black and white photos of buggies from its bygone era and, like its kin, offers more than 30 local ales. They're compounding formulas here with soju cocktails counting chocolate mint, Madagascar vanilla, and ginger among the infusions.
You'll spot Japanese, Southern, and Mexican influences all over the menu. As your advisors we recommend the following three-pronged portfolio: tuna poke nori wrap, camarones with coconut and cerveza, and grass-fed beef meatloaf with garlic mashers.
Handy location, great service, and even better perks: seems like a friendly place to trust your money will be well cared-for.
And they don’t even chain down the pens.

Bank of Venice bankofvenicepublichouse.com
80 Windward Ave. (at Venice Way), Venice
(310) 450-5222

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Parking: Street
Best bets: Catch of the day ceviche; baked mac n’ cheese; meatloaf
Hot seat: A barstool at one of the central, communal tables
Nearby: Larry's; Hotel Erwin; Townhouse

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