Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whale of a Time

The dawn of the cocktail tasting menu is here


LA’s latest hotspot du jour isn’t a bar or nightclub: it’s some guy’s living room.
That guy is consummate host Dan Scott, whose main gig is assistant general manager at Son of a Gun (mmm, chicken sandwich).
About once a month, he has a party called the Whaling Club. That party is in his West Hollywood apartment, a Don Draper-esque pad complete with a slick patio where he and his fiancée play '20s jazz and sample three specialty cocktails with top-shelf ingredients made by Dan, with about 20 other good time-enthusiasts.
Want to join the revelry? Get on their email list and within a couple of weeks, you’ll receive a very dapper invitation to the next shindig. RSVP yourself and a +1.
On the night of, ring Dan’s doorbell and mingle with a beautiful and artistic crowd. Dan will make you an equally beautiful and artistic cocktail with hand-carved ice. Recent example: Strawberry Fix, a real sweetheart of a gin drink with lemon and strawberries, summer-ized with crushed ice.
There will be two other, different cocktails throughout the two to three hours you’re there, along with small bites created by rotating chefs. (Jesse Furman of Free Range recently made it a poultry party.)
Mmm, more chicken sandwiches.

The Whaling Club

Admission: Email or call (607) 341-5924
Price: Suggested $40 donation per person

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