Friday, January 30, 2015

Breaking Badmaash

14 craft beers and tikka masala downtown


Iron Man 3. Man of Steel. The Wolverine. This summer our plates are full of cinematic badassery.

But we're here to talk culinary badassery, as in the new downtown gem Badmaash, which just so happens to mean "badass" in Hindi. 

For everyone who ever stopped for Indian food, then made another stop for craft beer, your life is now complete. Officially scheduled to open tomorrow, the joint is split into two floors complete with old Bollywood movie posters and berry-colored steel.

Straight from the street carts of India (if street carts could be outfitted with 14 craft beer taps) expect chicken tikka masala, a spicy lamb burger, and a variety of Tandoori clay oven dishes including Seekh Kabaab — skewer-fried lamb sausage with onion, cilantro, and mint.

In the more comic-book-sounding realm, there’s also a beef chuck sandwich with sweet peas and ginger, and a potato and chickpea dish called the Guju POW!, named after the Gujurat state of India.

Or possibly what you’d hear if Tony Stark was ever pitted against Mogambo, the most villainous Bollywood character of all-time.  

108 W 2nd St. (at S. Main), Downtown
(213) 221-7466

Nearby: Pitfire Pizza; Lazy Ox; Fickle and the Sandwich Smith

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