Thursday, January 29, 2015

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  • Raw Deal: SugarFISH/Nozawa Bar Open now

    While the "Trust Me" is the best $25 you’ll ever spend, for considerably more moolah (starting at $130 a head), make a reservation for their secret, 10-seat omakase experience called Nozawa Bar and feast on 20 courses of rare and exotic sea critters. 

    212 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills (310-276-6900)

  • Farm Fresh: The Larder at Burton Way Open now

    Suzanne Goin’s third installment of the much-lauded lunch spot in Brunchland (finally) introduces a dinner menu. Imagine, if you will, a James Beard-ified version of pork shoulder with cornbread, then go eat the real thing.

    8500 Burton Way, Mid-City (310-278-8060)

  • You Have a Pint: Sixth St Tavern Open now

    This downtown gastropub on the corner of 6th and Hope has 24 beers on tap, 10 specialty cocktails and seven sandwiches to help absorb it all.

    630 W. 6th St., Downtown (213-614-1900)

  • Slurp Heard Round the World: Tsujita ANNEX Open now

    Across the street from ramen reckoning house Tsujita is a new offshoot, helping to break up that notorious long line by luring cultists with new bowls.

    2050 Sawtelle Blvd., West LA (310-231-0222)

  • Half Full: Beautiful Fül Open now

    Leather biker vests and sturdy trousers are among the Che-inspired garments racked up at this new brand's shop.

    107 W. 5th St., Downtown (213-614-6861)

  • TNT: Fishing With Dynamite Open Tuesday

    A (cherry) stone’s throw from M.B. Post, his other hit restaurant, chef David LeFevre opens a 36-seat seafood shack, shucking all manner of fruits de mer.

    1148 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach (310-893-6299)

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