Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not Too Shabu

Japanese hot pots in Pasadena


Mrs. José Andrés wooed the famous chef with her gazpacho. Mrs. Gordon Ramsay has published scads of her own cookbooks. Chef David Lentz’s chef is Suzanne Goin.
The moral: Chef’s wives are no slouches themselves.

Enter Sayuri Tachibe, wife of Chaya’s longtime executive chef Shigefumi Tachibe. Today she opens Osawa, an Old Pasadena shrine to sushi and shabu-shabu.
Inside the light, bright and orchid-filled space, a modest main dining room seats seven at the sushi bar and another ten at the shabu-shabu bar.
Now, we've heard that Wagyu cows get massages and drink beer. But Saga Wagyu cows might be drinking Dom and listening to Chopin, because they’re the second-highest grade of wagyu available on Earth – and you can ask for it in Osawa’s headliner, shabu-shabu.   
To order, sit at the shabu bar, where you’ll have your own personal burner. Receive your hot pot and swish your paper-thin Saga strips around in the steaming dashi broth. Maybe add some vegetables, udon, or their homemade soy sauce or ponzu.  
Word to the wallet: the Saga version is $89. Though for $21-$26, prime rib eye, Kurobuta pork or seafood of the day make for fine bowls, too.
Which leaves some budget left for your next visit to Chaya.

Osawa theosawa.com
77 N Raymond Ave. (at E. Holly), Pasadena
(626) 683-1150

Nearby: YardHouse; Haven Gastropub; Blind Donkey

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