Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wake and Rake

Spend the unofficial holiday bagging greenery instead of rolling it


Look bro, we know what day it is tomorrow.

This is California, where a diagnosis for “Likes Mexican food after midnight" is almost enough to get a doctor's prescription.

But what if this year, instead of letting the day just, uh, vaporize, you gave back to our awesome city?
After all, it is also Earth Day. And to celebrate, Angel City Brewery is hosting an Earth Day Wake and Rake.
That's right. RAKE.

Your day starts with bagels and munchies and a 10:30a start will save your good intentions from going up in smoke.
An hour later, you’ll be kitted out with gloves and garbage bags to help make downtown LA beautiful for a few hours, picking up trash, and giving the city your best green thumb.
Your day will wrap up at an as-of-yet undisclosed downtown bar around 1:30p where brunch gets you high on the good vibes that come with a well-earned IPA or two after a fine day of helping Mother Earth.

Angel City Brewery "Wake and Rake"
Saturday, April 20
216 South Alameda St., Downtown

Cost: Free
RSVP: Here with T-shirt size

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