Thursday, January 29, 2015

Peru-ve It

Prepare yourself for Paiche


You might have heard Michael Voltaggio from Ink won 2012's Food and Wine Best New Chef. 

That keeps the prize in LA for another year, since last year's winner was none other than Ricardo Zarate of Mo Chica and Picca fame. 

Zarate's proving that star talent in LA isn't just something in the Hills, or on Rodeo -- it's the gift that keeps on giving. This time in the Marina.

Zarate's newest endeavor is Paiche, the soon-to-be culinary crown jewel of Marina del Rey, set to open on Friday.
Zarate’s third Peruvian restaurant is designed to look like the most upscale grotto you’ll ever encounter: lots of wood, aquarium-like, encasing the bar and kitchen with a color palette shared by the Pacific.
Small plates and cocktails are the M.O. here, and there are plenty to choose from. Your drink: the Bolivian Mule with quinoa vodka (much better distilled than steamed). For your date: the Pink Panther, a strawberry and rum sipper (much better than the one starring Steve Martin).
Speaking of starring roles, many dishes share the limelight here, including 14 kinds of ceviche, four tiraditos (paper-thin pieces of fish or Wagyu beef), six frituras (fried items like lobster tacos) and of course, paiche, the Amazonian white fish the place is named after.
When the time comes, we look forward to writing up 2013's LA winner and Voltaggio's sequel.

13488 Maxella Ave. (at Del Rey Ave.), Marina del Rey
(310) 893-6100

Nearby: C & O Cucina; Sunny Spot; [TK]

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