Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Sending a SWAT team to Diddy's crib sounds like a PR stunt. We'll be impressed when someone evolves swatting to phony drone strikes.

  • Chez Lounge: Chez Soi Soft open now

    Manhattan Beach’s culinary scene keeps heating up. Chef Mark Gold (Eva) joins French restaurateur Thierry Perez (Fraiche, L'Epicerie) to unite the City of Lights (Coq Au Vin, Loup de Mer) and the City of Angels (kale salads and wood-fire vegetables).

    451 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach (310-802-1212)

  • The Amazing Race: AuraCycle Open now

    Eatery-heavy West Third Street finally gives us a spin studio to burn off those lovingly-earned calories. With five classes per day and choice of 45 and 60-minute rides, it’s just what the nutritionist ordered.
    8231 W 3rd St., Mid-City (323-570-0570)

  • Middle-Size Me: Burgerim Open now

    Is it a slider or a burger? At 3.5 ounces, it’s right in between. Other things in between (buns): turkey, kobe and ahi burgers, among nine kinds of patties. Would you like shoestring fries with that?

    8593 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood (310-854-0234)

  • Jean Scene: Rising Sun & Co. Open now

    Levi Strauss (or Ron Swanson) himself would be right at home in this brawny beamed denim workshop that stitches custom jeans. 

    2246 Fair Park Ave., Eagle Rock (323-982-9798)

  • Sincerely Yours: P.S. Beverly Hills Open now

    Inside the sexy new Sirtaj Hotel, there’s a new restobar with farm-fresh sandwiches at lunch and hangar steak for dinner, plus craft cocktails (pictured) and a beer list from the chef who immortalized Koreatown’s Beer Belly.

    120 South Reeves Dr., Beverly Hills (310-424-5730)

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