Monday, December 22, 2014

This Weekend

  • Mystery Movie: The Most Holyf***ings*** Movie of 2012

    We’re not sure what Cinefamily has in store, but their promise of a “soul-crushing piece of bats*** insanity" works for us.

    Double feature: Come early for an arthouse comedy about a man's quest for his lost dog.

    Tonight 10p. Cinefamily, 611 N. Fairfax Ave., Mid-City West (323-655-2510). $12 here. 

    Nearby: Animal; Rosewood Tavern; Canter's Deli

  • Spring Fling: First Fridays at the Triangle

    End the workweek pairing Thai-style tacos and mac n' cheese burgers with local craft brews in the pop-up beer garden.

    Beer blowout: Hair-metal covers and unlimited draft beers from 80 breweries at Saturday's LA Beer Fest. 

    Fri 5p. 6200 Block of W. 87th St., Westchester. Free.

    Nearby: Ben Maltz Gallery; Alejo’s; Tompkins Square Bar and Grill

  • Coachella Covered: Fauxchella

    Hear what you’ll be missing next week as Coachella performers join Black Crystal Wolf Kids to cover the festival hits. 

    Star girls: The Star Wars trilogy is reimagined as bawdy burlesque on Friday night.

    Fri 9p. El Cid, 4212 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake (323-668-0318). $10 door. 

    Nearby: El Prado; 1642 Bar; Thirsty Crow

  • Comic Book Guys: Facial Recognition

    Catch the unveiling of works from three surrealist animators with a predilection for twisted takes on comic book concepts. 

    Superf***ers: The first (NSFW) episode of exhibition artist James Kochalka’s off-color animated "superhero" show here.

    Sat 6:30p. Giant Robot 2, 2062 Sawtelle Blvd., W. Los Angeles (310-445-9276). Free.

    Nearby: Tatsu Ramen; Plan Check; Bar Hayama

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