Sunday, February 1, 2015

Say No to Green Beer

Private whiskey tastings for you and your crew


We love green beer as much as anyone, but sometimes you just don't want to wake up smiling like the Grinch.

Or wake up next to one who looks no better.

This year, class up the daydrinking tradition by hosting a private tasting arranged by whiskey sommelier Benny Briseno.

With a week's notice, you can have a four-hour, four-bottle event (food pairings optional) set up at your home or office.

As the evening unfolds, he’ll educate you on the master distiller’s craft. And having ties to Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Texas — three of America’s most whiskey-loving regions — he’s qualified.

Keep it all Irish, branch out to American, Japanese, or organically certified, go single-barrel, or compare rye vs. wheat vs. corn in the mash. The choice of whiskeys is up to you. And four hours later you’ll be able to snapshot the nose, the palate, and the finish.

No green in sight.

Private Whiskey Tasting with Benny Briseno

Price: $400 with a 4-hr minimum.
Book it: Call Judi Wallace at (310-475-0606) x202 or email here.

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