Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eddie's Dead

Go back 100 years for The Edwardian Ball & Faire


Characterized by free-thinkers, tinkerers, and artists, the Edwardian era laid witness to class struggles where social climbers devoured the last vestiges of Great Britain's rule as the dominant world power.

It's also the last time women wore corsets 24/7.

Now you can experience The Edwardian Ball, an absinthe-fueled, old-timey dress-up honoring another Eddie altogether: the illustrator Edward Gorey.

That means you won't just find people wearing top hats and monocles. At this massive party imported from San Francisco, you'll find a hybrid subculture of goths, rockabillies, steampunks, and other folks who fancy plumage and offbeat performances, from ballroom dance to old timey medicine shows. 

So while you may not have any whale-bone undergarments of your own, now is a good time to see what corsets look like outside of high-school history books.

If you're lucky.

The Edwardian Ball
Saturday, February 23
Fonda Theater
6126 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood
(323) 464-6269

Tickets: $40-85 here 
Blue Palms Brewhouse; The Well; The Bowery

Photo courtesy Marco Sanchez

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