Friday, January 30, 2015

Put Me In, Coachella

Coachella's up-and-coming acts


No, The Rolling Stones aren't playing Coachella, and that's a good thing. It means your parents won't be there.

And while most of the headliners are familiar '90s-era bands (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blur, The Stone Roses), here's who you haven't seen, but should. Make your move before lunch, tickets go on sale at 10a today.


Beach House
This pop duo (she's from France, he's from Baltimore) made one of our favorite chillout records of the last year with their dreamy Bloom, which landed them on almost every critic's best of the year list. 
See a sample: Watch them play "Myth" on Letterman.

Local Natives
The west coast's answer to Grizzly Bear and Vampire Weekend, Silverlake's own Local Natives bring the Paul Simon Graceland influence to their sweetly psychedelic afro-folk. In a fortuitous bit of timing, their latest album, Hummingbird, comes out today.
See a sample: Check out this seven-song set at NYC's Bowery Ballroom. 


Two Door Cinema Club
As evidenced by their inclusion of their uptempo, Franz Ferdinand-style pop on two FIFA videogame soundtracks, this Northern Ireland band is big in Europe but not so much in the US. Yet.
See a sample: You've heard their "What You Know" in commercials for Microsoft Outlook -- here's the official video.

Bat For Lashes
The brainchild of musician Natasha Khan, this all-female group summons spooky, ethereal hooks and creepy visuals worthy of a David Lynch movie. But not a David Lynch Coachella movie, because that would be a whole different kind of spooky.
See a sample: Their video for "What's a Girl to Do" plays like a deleted scene from Donnie Darko.


Deap Vally
Ever wonder what the White Stripes would be like if Jack got a sex change and Meg could actually play the drums? Thanks to two actual Valley Girls who met in a crochet class (pictured), now you know.
See a sample: The video for their latest song, "Lies," came out last week.

Thee Oh Sees
Their song "Tidal Wave" was used in a crucial episode of Breaking Bad (think Mexican swimming pools and poison), but their claim to fame should be insanely energetic live shows and unstoppable work ethic (they release at least one album a year).
See a sample: Here's "Tidal Wave" live.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
April 12-14 and April 19-21

Tickets: $399 & up here
Set times: TBA

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