Sunday, February 1, 2015

Arcade Fire

IndieCade is the Sunset Junction of video games


Let's face it: E3 kind of sucks nowadays.

It's loud, confusing, overrun by mouth-breathing nerds — and let's not forget there's no lamer venue than a place that normally hosts pharmaceutical reps. 

For those who want to keep it real, there is the IndieCade Festival. If E3 is the Republican National Convention, IndieCade is South by Southwest.

On October 6, leading independent video game developers converge on Culver City to show off their wares, transforming the streets into a virtual video arena. 

Start with a round of Cards Against Humanity, a game that features the promising tagline "a party game for horrible people." Elsewhere, you'll find early looks at this holiday season's likely sleeper hits, such as the puzzle-heavy platformer Papa & Yo.

Then gather your friends and get in on the big jam Zombies, Run!, in which you’ll (literally) run to escape hordes of hungry virtual zombies who want nothing more than to nom on your brains.
Survive their bitey tendencies and pause for a brew at City Tavern to regenerate your life meter. Once you're rested, join one of the night games — many of which center around Sphero, a robotic, remote-controlled ball — that go until the midnight hour.

Which is usually when the games really heat up.

IndieCade Festival
Saturday, October 6
Various locations in Culver City
Tickets: Free for some of the big games; $15 to try all the titles and the night games here.
Full schedule: here
Fun fact: Back in 1982, the building that now houses the farm-friendly restaurant Akasha was the setting for Tron’s iconic Flynn’s arcade.
Nearby: Akasha; City Tavern; Kay ‘n Dave’s

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