Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Save your relationship with The Apology Concierge


There's something that NBA players, child starlets-turned-arch criminals, and presidential candidates all need to learn to do.

And that's to say "I'm sorry" about as authentically as possible. In LA, authenticity isn't exactly our strong suit, which is why we've sourced someone to plead sorry for you. 

Introducing The Apology Concierge, a new LA-based service that helps mend your sorry state of affairs.

Let's say, for example, you went on a three day bacon-flavored beer bender and completely missed your girlfriend's birthday. Oops.

TAC Founders Shea Curry and Audrey Cavenecia will conduct a confidential query via phone or email to help decode your significant other's current mental state, and prescribe a custom remedy from one of their several price points.

No desperate lurking around a jewelry counter for you — they'll figure out the punishment that fits the crime (clothes, beauty products, etc.), and take care of everything from finding and delivering the gift, to drafting an appropriate note of contrition. They'll even coach you on how to sound authentic when you go grovelling back.

Even if you haven't done anything wrong, The Apology Concierge comes in handy — you can give them a list of important dates from birthdays to anniversaries, and they'll hook her up ad infinitum, making sure you never mess up again. 

And because Rundown readers are so well behaved, you get a discount: Get the Just Because package for $125 here.

Because you've learned your lesson this time... haven't you? 

The Apology Concierge

Price: Packages start at $250

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