Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Your Pleasure, Their Pain

This time it's OK to laugh at others' expense

Comics frequently turn the trials and tribulations of their teenage years into material for their acts, but no other show places you directly at ground zero for youthful humiliation like Mortified Live.

In this unique stand-up act, people read their own unearthed childhood diaries, journals, love letters, songs, poems, and plays. If it sounds like it would be incredibly embarrassing to relive those self-important and naive musings on life, love, and mistreatment by adults, it is — for the performers. For you in the audience, it's hilarious.

Mortified is perfect for a date, especially since the female comedians can be relied on to recount girlhood crushes that resonate with the ladies in the house. Your date will appreciate you more than ever when she’s reminded of the schmoes she used to pine for back in the day.

If only all of your painful high school experiences could be put to such good use.

Mortified Live
Wednesday, June 27. 8p.
King King, 6555 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood (323) 960-5765

Tickets: $12 online, or $15 at the door
Scene: Hollywood insiders and outsiders in a non-judgmental mood
Nearby: Geisha House; Musso & Frank Grill; Skooby’s
Insider tips: Enter through parking lot via Whitley Ave. Arrive at 7:30 to ensure a seat for the 8p show.

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