Saturday, January 31, 2015

Big Fish

In Catalina, live every week like it's Shark Week

Catalina Scuba Luv, a full-service dive center, will hook you up with everything you need to witness the wonders — and dangers — of the deep.

Never scuba'd before? No problem. The resort's three-hour discovery program combines classwork with your first actual dive. You'll get a chance to see elusive bottom-dwellers like horn and leopard sharks, and a credit toward scuba certification upon completing the dive.

For more experienced divers, Captain Bob Kennedy (also Avalon's mayor) leads sleep-and-dive packages and open-boat trips to see swell, angel and soupfin sharks. You can even dive at night, primetime for many shark species.

Once a month, Scuba Luv breaks out the cage in search of blue and mako sharks. And thanks to Kennedy's 65-foot, 30-diver-capacity King Neptune, you're not going to need a bigger boat.

Catalina Scuba Luv
126 Catalina Avenue, Avalon, (800) 262-DIVE

Day trips: starting at $110/person. Equipment rentals extra.
Sleep-and-dive packages: starting at $227/person. Equipment rentals extra.
Getting to Catalina: Hop on the ferry from Long Beach for an hour-plus ride.

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