Thursday, January 29, 2015

Palm Springs Party Pads

Rent retro celebrity houses for your own Rat Pack

January in LA means one thing: time to head to Palm Springs.

But don't get a room. Get a celebrity's house.

Rat Pack Crash Palace: Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate
Custom-built for Ol' Blue Eyes back in 1947, Twin Palms is a swinging' VIP retreat in the Movie Colony district of Palm Springs. Besides a piano-shaped swimming pool and vintage sound gear, the Sinatra House has a state-of-the-art kitchen, classic period decor, and best of all, it's just a few shots of Jack Daniel's away from Downtown.

The Beat Goes On: Villa Carmelita
You don't have to be a flower child to appreciate Villa Carmelita, otherwise known as the Sonny & Cher Estate. The recently refurbished five-bedroom hideaway in the Mesa district was first built in 1930, and on top of hosting the eponymous 1960s pop-music power-couple, it's put up the likes of Joseph Cotton, Natalie Wood, Kirk Douglas, and now, it's got you, babe.
Mogul Mansion: Howard Hughes Mini-Estate
So what if you're not as rich as Howard Hughes? Grow your fingernails and pretend to be the famous recluse at his one-time Palm Springs refuge in the Araby area. Better yet, just rent The Aviator and watch it on the 50-inch, flat-screen HD TV. Either way, you'll feel like a million bucks.

Park the Wienermobile: Oscar Mayer House
Built by the Oscar Mayer family, this '50s-era retreat features a huge pool and spa, high-speed wireless Internet, and best of all, an impressive, custom-installed grilling station to fire up an unforgettable barbecue (wieners not included).

Redhead Hacienda: The Lucy House
Not only has this Spanish-inspired hacienda entertained icons like Groucho Marx, it's also a rumored hiding place for TV sitcom pioneers Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The four-bedroom Movie Colony compound comes with a gourmet kitchen, cozy wood-burning fireplace, elaborate stained-glass windows, and a guest bungalow with two more bedrooms. Lucy? I'm home.

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