Saturday, January 31, 2015

Meat Markets

Choice cuts for your holiday barbecue

Where's the best BBQ in LA this 4th of July? Buy meat from one of these specialty vendors, and it's coming from your grill.

may offer the best ribeyes for the money, but you'll find juicier, more tender cuts from corn-fed cows at The Huntington Meats in the Farmer's Market.
The Huntington Meats, Farmer's Market, Fairfax District (323-938-5383). Skirt steak $8/lb. Spencer cut $13/lb.

Order Lobel's online for next day delivery of dry-aged sirloins perennially recognized as the best in America. Or step up to the dry-aged Wagyu porterhouse. Wagyu's fat to meat ratio of 9:1 gives it an unmistakable richness. For nearly $100/lb, it better.
Lobel's of New York
(877-783-4512). Bone-in strip $38 for 14 oz. Wagyu porterhouse $99/lb.

Taylors' Ol' Fashioned Meat & Produce in Sierra Madre imports meat from corn country: Iowa and Nebraska. Expect your beef ribs to be meticulously prepared from top round to tenderloin, and cut to your liking. Try Taylors' 11 varieties of marinated chicken, too.
Taylors' Ol' Fashioned Meat & Produce, 14 E. Sierra Madre Blvd, Howie's Ranch Market, Sierra Madre (626-355-8267). Baby back ribs $7/lb.

Niman Ranch
's naturally raised, free range hogs appear on menus across the country. This is your one-stop pork shop, from crown roast to double cut chops.
Niman Ranch (866-808-0340). Bone-in 1.5-inch thick center cut chops $23.

For the destination butcher of them all, trek to the San Gabriel Valley for Alexander's Choice Meats. Pork from here always tastes firm and juicy, never like wet cardboard. Other choice cuts include organic Shelton chickens from Pomona and Lebanon bologna from Pennsylvania's Amish country.
Alexander's Choice Meats, 6580 N. San Gabriel Blvd, Howie's Ranch Market, San Gabriel Valley (626-286-8871). Pork shoulder steak $2/lb. Pork chops $3-5/lb.

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