Saturday, January 31, 2015

Drive an Easy Bargain

Skip the hassle and score the best deal on your next ride

Not only do you need a new car, you need to be able to brag about the  deal you got. You'll never know if you got the best deal unless you log countless hours, or call Authority Auto.

Whether you want to buy or lease a Prius, SL55 Roadster or FJ Cruiser, Authority Auto jumps the waiting lists and scopes multiple dealerships to find the best price.

How it works
Auto brokers stay on top of market prices and build relationships by negotiating with dealers every day. You don't. You've got a day job.

You pay a commission based only on what they save you.

You could spend a weekend traipsing through car yards across the Southland, dickering with salesmen. But wouldn’t you rather spend that time driving to Vegas in your shiny new ride—knowing you fully deserve to blow the couple grand you just saved?

Authority Auto
(818) 788-1900

Ask for: Oren Weintraub
Full service: start-to-finish begins at $495
Or find a dealer yourself: Begin negotiations, then contact Authority Auto to close the deal. You'll pay only a percentage of the amount you save.

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