Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dark Spirits

A whiskey bar to make Downtown proud

LA finally has a downtown whiskey bar worthy of respect from cold weather cities. Seven Grand offers top-notch booze in even finer surroundings.

A long set of stairs guarded by big game taxidermies leads to a dimly
lit, post-punk hunting lodge with an antique wood bar and vintage pool table. Sharply dressed bartenders with mohawks and waitresses in Catholic school skirts will patiently walk you through the drink menu to help suss out what might appeal to your palette.

The fully stocked bar keeps more than 100 whiskeys in stock, from single malts to blends, bourbons to ryes, American to Japanese (yes, it’s Suntory time at Seven Grand). With an assist from the bartender, select from dozens of tipples in the $7-$15 range such as:

 Easydrinking 1800s legend Bulleit Single Barrel bourbon
Compass Box Eleuthera, a vatted malt (when single malt whiskies are blended together in small batches)
 Awardwinning uncut, unfiltered George T. Stagg bourbon

Taster portions are also available at half-price.

Swing by on an off night to score a leather corner booth and feel like you’ve been coming here for years.

Seven Grand
515 West 7th St., 2nd Floor, Downtown; (213) 614-0736

Price: 2 (out of 4)  Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Scene: young professionals; USC students; Silverlake exiles
Parking: street or public lots on 8th between Olive and Grand
Best Bets: Bulleit Single Barrel bourbon; Compass Box Eleuthera vatted malt; George T. Stagg bourbon
Insider Tip: smoke on the back patio with a cigar from the humidor
Nearby: The Redwood Bar & Grill; Bordello bar; Bar 107

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