Sunday, February 1, 2015

Plug into the Sun

Charge your many handheld devices with one hybrid unit

You love your ultra-lightweight, state-of-the-art, fliptop cellphone. You’d love it more if the battery lasted longer. Same goes for your PDA, camera, and iPod. Especially your iPod.

And you're getting tired of juggling multiple chargers, hunting down wall sockets to keep everything juiced all the time.

The Solio portable hybrid charges your many handhelds with a single unit, and helps save the planet at the same time (or at least not destroy it). 

Solio's solar panels fan out to absorb and convert about an hour of sun power into an hour of extended battery life. Plugged into a wall socket, it can recharge itself or serve as a conduit to the device of your choice.

Best of all, Solio is easy to operate — just attach a cable and hit a charge button. And never worry again about remembering to pack all the right chargers for your trip.


Colors: white, silver, black and pink
Also Available at: REI stores
See Also: Voltaic Solar Bags, a line of backpacks and briefcases clad in solar panels that charge your devices.

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