Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hidden Cinema

Download arthouse gems

Take a break from summer studio blockbusters. Dig into a treasure trove of smart underground flicks at

According to founder and CEO Gaurav Dhillon, 99% of the world’s movies never get U.S. distribution. At least not until Jaman unearths them.

How it works
For $1.99, you can view a movie as often as you like for seven days, or pay $4.99 and keep it. They also currently offer free rentals on selected picks.

You’ll have to watch on your computer using Jaman’s downloadable player (no burning to DVD), but video quality is excellent.

Critic's Picks
As for movie quality? Sweet. On a recent flight, we fired up the laptop and enjoyed Will Arnett (Arrested Development, Blades of Glory) in a 1999 indie called The Waiting Game.

Back home, we discovered a riveting award-winning Mexican feature called El Callejon De Los Milagros starring a young Salma Hayek (yes, she was hot then, too).

The Rundown
Expand your cinematic repertoire without leaving the couch. Then start dropping obscure references that'll floor your film buff friends.


Price: $1.99-$4.99
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