Saturday, January 31, 2015

Seat Yourself Right

Get the best seat on your next flight

Not all airplane seats are created equal, no matter what class you're flying. Legroom and recline space can mean the difference between flying in style and flying on 500 mg of Vicodin.

Thankfully, there’s SeatGuru, a website providing info on every seat in every plane of every fleet.

First, check your ticket for airplane type, then consult SeatGuru's seating charts. Simple, color-coded guides reveal which seats are good (green) and which ones to avoid (red). Contact your airline by phone or website to select a new seat, or wait until check-in.

Grizzled road warriors rely on the site for guidance on electrical outlet availability, video screens, and proximity to galleys and restrooms.

SeatGuru can't guarantee who's sitting next to you — Eva Mendes or the fourth runner-up from last season’s "Biggest Loser" — but it will help you find a spot with enough room to let you sleep or work in peace and comfort. Unless Eva has a better idea.


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