Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Simple Rules

Dress in the dark and still look sharp with Tony Melillo menswear

Men hate clothes shopping, but not because we hate clothes. We hate shopping because we have no patience when it comes to choosing clothes for a wardrobe.

Tony Melillo
’s newest collection of basic threads promises a risk-free decision the next time you go to the closet. No matter what you pick out, it’ll work with anything else.

Melillo’s line of black, white, navy, khaki, and grey menswear follows his philosophy that the less attention-grabbing items in your closet should be just as high quality as the flashier ones. 

Every choice, from a long-sleeved T-shirt to a cashmere sweater, looks casual and elegant. All the clothes are tailored from fine fabrics and designed to be worn year-round.

With carefully edited designs to choose from, you'll effortlessly dress with style and substance.

Best of all, it won’t take long to shop.

Tony Melillo Menswear Collection

Price: dress shirts start at $190; trousers at $140; cashmere sweaters at $450
Available at:
Fred Segal Trend, 500 Broadway, Santa Monica (310) 458-6365

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