Saturday, January 31, 2015

Editorial Policy

Our first commandment: Thou shalt not Pay for Play

Though our editors embrace serial commas, they reject serial liars. 

So prepare for serialized content you can trust.

Not only does Rundown content arrive grammatically bulletproof, it’ll be free from outside influence, bribes, blackmail, hook-ups, or anything else that might marginalize this, our budding relationship.

We take an old-school approach, working by hand. That doesn’t mean writing long-hand so much as it does visiting each and every venue and picking it in-person, on its own merit.

That means nobody can pay to have their bar, restaurant, event, website or product written up on Rundown. It would defeat the purpose of this service, which is to hook you up with the best we can find, regardless of whether it comes from people who advertise with us, one of our lowly competitors, or simply some dude who runs a killer blog out of his basement.

That said, we will sometimes send "Sponsored Rundown" emails on behalf of our advertisers. These are paid for, and will come with the subject line "Sponsored Rundown" to make it clear.

We protect your contact information like it’s our own, which means we will never sell or share your email address or profile information.

Welcome to the family.